Saturday, October 16, 2010

San Gabriel river at night

Feet get wet on almost every hike for some reason...
easier to wear shorts and shoes that drain...

 This used to support the road that got washed out
in the flood that stranded the "Bridge to Nowhere" 5 miles
up the canyon.

 Michael Chestnut, Dina Fisher, Audrey Nichka
Garcia Trail night hike... lookign towards Los Angeles
This is one of the best night hikes in LA
Google Map of where photo was taken.

Hiking trail to "Bridge to Nowhere" 2nd river crossing

Exploring the Big Horn Mine

The mine is now closed... but before it was...  We spent over 8 hours exploring the inside... it is HUGE...

Here is a history of the mine:

 This is the view looking down what is the East Fork of the San Gabriel River.
Rainwater and snowmelt from here flows roughly 75 miles to Seal Beach at the end of the 605 freeway.

This was holding up the ceiling... (lincoln log room)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shot these while wandering the San Gabriels

Top of Garcia Trail at night
(Dina Fisher and Larry Bidwell)

San Gabriel Valley From Garcia Trail

Bridge to Nowhere - From Helicopter
(Pilot: Mike Rodriguez

Cascade Canyon - San Antonio Creek

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tragedy at bridge...

I am rattled and saddened... I just got news that a fellow hiker died at the 'bridge to nowhere' over the weekend...

I have seen Mykel on the bridge every weekend I have hiked up there for many years... We have hiked out in the dark on quite a few sunday nights after the bungee... jumpers had finished and my gold prospecting adventures were done.
My heart goes out to his friends and family...